Together, we can win the cities of London and Westminster

Support my campaign to become our constituency's first Labour MP


I believe that together we can win a Labour MP in Cities of London and Westminster for the first time ever. I want to be your Labour candidate here to bring hope to communities, support people to thrive and help Labour back into Government. 

Generations of my family have felt the transformative power of Labour Governments. Growing up in London in the 1980s, I saw the impact of devastating Conservative Government policies – growing hospital waiting lists, schools crying out for investment, teachers striking for a decent pay rise, discrimination in public services, inflation out of control, and a country divided. 

And today, it’s divided once more as the Conservative Government rips holes in the social safety net Labour founded. People are left with impossible struggles under an uncaring government. In my surgeries as a local Councillor, I meet people who work multiple jobs, yet can’t afford food, heating and housing.

I joined the Labour Party in 2003 to be part of the movement uniting people to transform lives for the better. I was part of the team which turned 6 safe Lib Dem seats Labour in 2006 and secured Labour seats under threat from Tories in 2017 and 2019.

I’ve worked in the grassroots voluntary sector, as a policy advisor at HM Treasury under Gordon Brown and in Local Authorities, including the City of London Corporation,  supporting homeless and unemployed households. I was first elected as a local Councillor in 2014, appointed to the Cabinet in 2015 and became Deputy Mayor in 2018.  

I’ve championed the development of council homes so that children grow up in a secure home and led community and public health responses during the pandemic.  I have decades of experience working in local, regional and national government and representing diverse communities.

The last Labour government stopped economic decline, established rights, reduced child poverty, nearly ended pensioner poverty, and invested in our communities.  We will do all that and more, again. Cities of London and Westminster need a candidate with a plan to win and who can unite the party to win, building on the stunning local election results, developing a strong and diverse campaigning team, working with the community, making the case for a Labour Government. 

Conservative MPs for Cities of London and Westminster have not stopped austerity or secured investment in public services and have let down the residents who rely on public services and a stable economy.

On the issues which affect the constituency – short-term lets, night time economy, shortage of decent, affordable housing, inequality, discrimination, poor quality private rented sector housing, poor air quality, child poverty, insecurity in the workplace – as your MP I would be a determined and tireless voice in Parliament for change. 


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what rachel believes in...

Rachel believes in broad and inclusive policy development for the Labour Party, which reflects our diverse movement, proud traditions, strong values and commitment to delivering social justice and a fairer future.

Rachel will fight for investment in fully funded and public NHS primary care, mental health and hospital services;  personally bring together health and community services to tackle health inequalities; champion the care workforce.

Rachel believes our housing market is broken. She supports a long term programme of investment in Council Homebuilding. She believes that Estate Regeneration should involve communities and deliver more genuinely affordable homes. She will campaign for stronger regulation of short-term lets and housing associations and for legislation which protects homeless households and ensures housing is a human right. 

Rachel supports plans for long term programmes of retrofitting existing homes to be more energy efficient and investment  in renewable energy that brings forward skilled jobs and green supply chains. Rachel supports a just transition where the benefits are fair for all. 

Rachel believes discrimination should never be tolerated and takes anti-racist action to end structural racism.

Rachel is a trade unionist and supports action to reduce gender, ethnicity and disability pay gaps. The rise of insecure work is one of the greatest challenges we face and Rachel supports a New Deal for Workers and stronger intervention to tackle the cost of living crisis.

Rachel voted to Remain in the European Union and supported Labour’s policy for a second referendum. She will continue to hold the Conservatives to account for their ideologically driven hard Brexit and work to restore Britain’s reputation as a reliable international partner.

Rachel sees the erosion of trust in politicians.  She came into politics to change it, so that people can believe in the power of their vote. The Cities of London and Westminster are home to the institutions at the heart of our democracy, it’s time they are represented by Labour.


Tackling Homelessness

After over a decade of austerity and cuts to social security, the number of low-income Londoners suffering from London’s housing crisis has grown dramatically. Rachel believes that homelessness legislation should be overhauled to ensure housing is recognised as a human right.
The numbers of homeless families with children and vulnerable single people approaching their local Borough for support in a moment of crisis shows the scale of the crisis. Despite the shortage of available homes for temporary accommodation and the spiralling costs for local councils, the numbers in temporary accommodation (TA) in England have nearly doubled to 96,060 households, 59,160 of whom are from London. Rachel brought the Labour front bench team together with community organisations and given evidence to Select Committees, calling for investment in specialist services.

Cities of London and Westminster Against Dirty Money

Research from Transparency International has shown that there is at least £1.5billion worth of property owned by Russian individuals accused of corruption or with links to the Kremlin in the UK. At the same time we have a housing crisis in London. Rachel has launched a campaign to make sure Economic Crime Bill introduces powers to take action.
Too many homes in London are treated as assets for hiding dirty money. Many of these homes stand empty, hurting local businesses and communities. 2,189 UK companies registered are involved in money laundering and corruption cases involving over £82bn in funds. Rachel’s campaign to end corruption in property investment is calling on MPs to demand action through the Economic Crime Bill. Local Authorities need real powers to take action.

Supporting residents through Fire Safety Crisis

Despite the introduction of the Building Safety Act, with Labour MPs and Lords dragging the Tories to take action, too many leaseholders still face uncertainty over their costs and too many tenants are still waiting to see the remediation they have been promised. Rachel has led local and national campaigns to secure justice for residents.
Rachel has personally secured meetings with developers and housing associations to ensure remediation works to new homes. Rachel has ensured remediation works take place, delivered by housing associations and developers, and stands up for leaseholders faced with unfair and unjustifiable costs. Rachel has given evidence to Select Committees on Fire Safety costs and the impact on delivery of social housing.

Securing more Council Homes

The shortage of genuinely affordable homes is holding communities back. Too many families are being forced to leave their support network because there are not enough genuinely affordable homes locally. Rachel campaigns to support investment in Council Homes and has championed the development of Council homes.
Rachel has led a transformation of council homebuilding in Tower Hamlets, working with communities to provide safe, secure homes for the most vulnerable in society. She chaired the Labour Housing Group Commission on Council Home Building
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Ending Violence Against Women and girls

Ending violence against women and girls means dismantling the culture of misogyny in society. Rachel has led local Councillors in calling for misogyny to be a hate crime and united women Councillors to secure commitment from the police to attend local meetings and be held accountable.
Ending Violence Against Women and Girls means tackling other forms of discrimination and the economic system that further enables abuse against women and girls. Rachel has worked in the homelessnes sector, setting up policies and programmes to support survivors of domestic abuse.


Great to catch up with City of London @GMB_union @GMBLondonRegion branch this morning talking about #costoflivingcrisis #publicservices and organising within our movement. Thank you! 💪

Gross from Dominic Raab earlier today. Solidarity @AngelaRayner - shouldn’t have to put up with it 💪

The most disturbing, sexist part of today's #PMQs.

First Dominic Raab WINKS at @AngelaRayner.

Then he intimates it's absurd for a working class woman to enjoy opera and drink champagne.

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I’m proud to support this campaign with @AliceMLabour @CityofSanctuary calling on Govt to adopt 6 steps to transform UK asylum: council funding, uplifting housing allowance, datasharing, accelerate claims, dispersal changes & humanity in the system ...

Excellent to be in Westminster today speaking to residents about how we tackle the cost of living crisis and Labour’s plans for delivering in Government 💪🌹

Solidarity with #barristerstrike today ✊The legal aid system was founded as part of our welfare state and has been under attack from Conservative government austerity. Access to justice is a core principle of our system and democracy.

Great afternoon in Soho speaking with residents about local housing challenges, the future of social housing and London’s public service challenges and how we resolve them - with a Labour Government

The proposals this afternoon on #northernirelandprotocol are the wrong response to a problem of the Government’s own making. We need a negotiated way forward.